At the Arizona Ear Institute, we strive to heal the sick, help the deaf hear again, and exhibit excellence in patient-centered care.

The Arizona Ear Institute is a division of Arizona Otolaryngology Consultants. Our mission is to serve our state as a premier provider of complex, sub-specialty ENT care. We provide comprehensive, compassionate and cutting edge care of Neurotologic, Otologic, and Lateral Skull Base disorders. We are the only practice in the region to comprehensively treat all surgical and medical disorders of the ear, facial nerve, vestibular system, and lateral skull base.


Comprehensive. Compassionate.

Winter 2019 | Dr. Stevens 

Was appointed to the position of Assistant Professor of Neurotology and Lateral Skull Base Surgery by the Barrow Neurologic Insitute.  

2017-2018 | Dr. Stevens

Published 5 peer reviewed research articles focusing on his work in skull base surgery and cochlear implantation.

2018-2019 | Dr. Stevens

Begins service in partnership with The Neighborhood Christian Clinic, providing charitable medical and surgical care for ear-related disorders.

Winter 2019 | Dr. Stevens and Dr. Whitaker 

Officially entered partnership with the Experts and Researchers of Arizona State University’s Department of Speech and Hearing Science to conduct clinical research studies on cochlear Implants and other implantable hearing devices.  

Winter 2019 | Dr. Stevens 

Began partnership with the multi-disciplinary team at DMG – Children’s Rehabilitation Services to perform Cochlear Implantation in children with severe congenital and hereditary hearing loss. 

Winter 2019 | Dr. Stevens and Dr. Whitaker 

Officially launched the Maricopa County Cochlear Provider Network in cooperation with The Cochlear Americas Coorporation. This multi-disciplinary collaboration is designed to improve hearing health care delivery to cochlear implant candidates in Arizona. 

Fall-Winter 2018 | Dr. Stevens 

Partnered with Dr. Samuel Barber (University of Arizona Dept. of Otolaryngology HNS) and Dr. Michael Lawton (Barrow Neurologic Insitute) to develop a novel 3D surgical training simulator. 

Fall 2018 | Dr. Whitaker

Was inducted as a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.